Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Roscoe Parrish ready to shine at the number 2 WR spot

Roscoe Parrish practiced at the 2 spot during Wednesday's practice in preparation for the New England Patriots game in Foxboro. It appears as though he has surpassed Stevie Johnson on the depth chart.
"I wouldn't say that, I'm just taking advantages of all my opportunities that's coming my way, and I appreciate Chan Gailey for giving me the opportunity to prove myself in this league."

If once again starter Ryan Fitzpatrick has time to think behind the Bills offensive line Roscoe Parrish could prove himself once-and-for-all against the Patriots 28th ranked pass defense.

Parrish has been saying for a few seasons now that he felt that his role on the Bills offense should be bigger, but last year he was benched by Dick Jauron.
"I can only control what I can control. Last year was a down year for me. I just can’t feel sorry for myself. With Chan Gailey using me, it’s a blessing."

This could be a good game for the Bills offense as the Patriots are 26th in total yards allowed on defense, with an average of 382 yards per game, and 5.4 yards per play.

Some people say that Roscoe is too small to play the outside wide receiver position because it's more physical, Roscoe disagrees: "You’ve got to fight on the inside, too. There really isn’t a difference. They can press me inside and they can press me outside. It’s just a receiver spot. "


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