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Doubling Down, Toth Tells Tall Tales

Doubling Down, Toth Tells Tall Tales

By Brian Jopp

Tonawanda — Weeks ago, a friend of the Toth Campaign Dan Grosskopf went to Facebook to spread rumors and lies about domestic incidents at the Davis home.  In the post he lead readers to believe that Tonawanda Mayor Rick Davis had physically abused his now ex wife.

On October 26th Jopp Marketing Solutions held and sponsored a debate at City Hall.  One republican candidate showed up, 1st Ward councilman Charles Gilbert.  That didn’t stop moderator Joseph Genco from asking Mayor Davis about these claims.  

Mayor Davis’ response: 

there were calls made to my house. The byproduct of those calls were a two-year stay away order, by my daughter, against my ex-wife, for child endangerment… my ex-wife was found guilty of striking my daughter and a two year  stay away execution that was just expired September 11 was issued against her.”

Since he was absent from the debate, Tim Toth couldn’t respond to this statement from Mayor Davis, instead he took to his website.  Toth felt it necessary to cherry pick small snippets from the Domestic Incident Reports to fit his narrative:

The officer at the scene stated, in writing, “.... P2 kicked said purse P1 and P2 begun [sic] pushing”. 

He also posted a copy of the reports, hoping that the public would just take his word for it and wouldn’t take the time to read them.  Here’s what the report said:

P1: Kim Davis (ex wife to Mayor Davis)
P2: Mayor Rick Davis

P1 and P2 are getting a divorce.  P2 went to a family party without P1.  P1 asked if his (P2’s) family asked about the divorce.  Argument ensued.  P1 then threw a fan and knocked her purse on the ground.  P2 kicked said purse.  P1 and P2 began pushing.  P2 said P1 began swinging at him, so he grabbed her and assisted her outside.  P1 and P2 certified P2’s story.  P2 stated he began grabbing her as trying to push him down the stairs to the garage.  P2 is leaving to go to work for the night.

Also Toth declares on his page that Mayor Davis is labeled as Suspect while his ex wife was labeled as Victim, but on the form he posted, those designations were clearly crossed out.

The Republican challenger ended his website rant with an apology to the Mayor’s ex wife:

I want to personally apologize to Kimberly Davis for all she has had to endure during this election… It is through YOUR Vote that her struggle will not be in-vain. The following documents are property of Kimberly Davis and were released by her. We thank her and wish her the best!

An apology, to the aggressor in the Domestic Incident as corroborated by law enforcement, and the city court, as they issued the Mayor’s ex-wife with a 2 year restraining order to stay away from her daughter.

Her daughter, also took to Facebook to clear the air on this situation:

“Now Mr Toth wants to post police reports that he obtained from Kim (I refuse to call her my mom and you will see why)      on a few nights when us kids called the police on her.
We have witnessed Kim punch, slap, kick my dad repeated times without him laying a hand on her. She has thrown lit candles at my dad and burned him with hot wax. Kim has degraded my dad calling him names for no reason at all. I have been here every time the police have been called and it’s been Kim that’s been the reason why. Unfortunately my dad hasn’t been the only person to experience her hell.
All my sisters and brother were subjected to many years of punching, hitting, name calling, fat shaming, and Kim’s hydrocodone pill popping ways. We saw Kim as she repeatedly had multiple affairs on my dad and he tried to keep our family together. Kim has come at my dad numerous times with a knife and even tried handing the knife to me and my brother and asked us to kill her. My dad is a true hero for removing us all from that hell. We all are, including my dad, survivors of domestic violence.”

The Mayor’s daughter, a young teenager, was present at the debate when the question was brought up about the domestic incident.  She has had to relive these harsh memories repeatedly during this campaign process, and yet found the strength to write this statement.

Tim Toth claims that this subject was not brought up by him, but what we can tell is that it was brought up by his close ally, Dan Grosskopf. 

Squandering his chance to denounce these statements and handle the situation with dignity, Mr Toth doubles down on them by sending out mailers that go along with this made up narrative. 

And, with another website post:

There’s been a lot of buzz regarding this past weekend’s fliers…Those fliers were created as a direct result of the Mayor’s failure to answer a question on October 26th, regarding past domestic complaints that were substantiated by the police at his residence.

Really?  Did he fail to answer the question?  The video is on the Tonawanda City Community page on Facebook for all to see, and you’ve read his reply earlier in this article.
Mayor Davis has never denied the police coming to his house for a domestic incident.  In fact he says “There were calls made to my house”.  

Toth was given another chance by the Buffalo News to distance himself from his campaign of bullying and misleading mailers.  Instead, he plunges deeper into his dark hole:

“Unfortunately thats the way politics can get. It seems the closer the end of the race gets, the nastier it gets.”

But I digress, the website post continues:

“At that time, he attempted to lay blame and responsibility towards me and my campaign, all while referring to them as “whispers and rumors.” Despite the fact that the mayor’s previous wife has made it no secret, to anyone who would listen, that they had really occurred…”

This is more rhetoric by the challenger as the Mayor had admitted that calls were placed to his house.  So of course the Mayor's ex-wife would say that they really occurred, the mayor is saying the same thing.

…and the post continues:

“I’d also like to address the comments that I brought his family and children into this. Again, another LIE! I ensured that any information released was redacted to ensure anonymity for all except the two parties involved, Mayor Rick Davis and Kimberly, to protect the children.”

This is where it should really bug you.  It should absolutely bug you that a man that wants your vote for mayor lacks the foresight to understand that he did bring the Mayor's family and children into this by repeatedly bringing it up in mailer after mailer.  Mailers that were sent to the Davis residence.  Also by bringing it up repeatedly on his website.  

Mr. Toth lacks the mental fortitude to understand that while he never mentions the Mayor's kids, just bringing up these raucous memories to the Davis children, who are just a few years removed from their abuser, can be very damaging.

A person who is running for office should have better foresight and mental strength than Mr Toth has displayed.  He missed his opportunity to distance himself from the comments of his close friend, and instead he took them and ran with them.   He should have issued an apology to the Davis family, especially the children whom he took down a dark road of memory lane and forced them to relive moments that Davis’ daughter describes as “hell”.  

Instead, he apologized to their abuser.

…And that should tell you everything you need to know about Mr. Toth.

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Monday, October 17, 2016

NFL Networks Good morning football gives Bills some love

Peter Schrager gave the Bills a ton of praise on Monday morning during his Good Morning Football show in a segment called "Sunday Shockers"

"My most shocking thing is what the Bills are doing right now" was his lead into his Sunday Shocker.

"...yesterday they had 312 rushing yards on an NFL defense, I mean the 49ers are not some college outfit, they're an NFL team" he said as the highlights of the game against the 49ers started rolling. As he went on he said some really good things about the Bills, and even admitted that they don't get mentioned enough because they are the Buffalo Bills.

"I look at the Buffalo Bills right now, and we're talking about the Patriots and they can do no wrong, the Bills beat the Patriots.  Whether Brady was in there or not, it counts in the standings, they're 4-2, they're winners of 4 straight, they're playing some of the best football in the league, but because they're the Buffalo Bills we don't talk about them enough...all the stories were about Kaepernick... I don't care if it was Aaron Rodgers in his heyday, they weren't beating this Bills team... I love the Buffalo Bills right now"

Also as a quick sidebar, someone should tell Kyle Brandt that the Stadium at One Bills Drive is now called New Era Field:

...there's no kind of fans like Buffalo fans, we love you all, but when they're winning it's a special special kind of place. I can not imagine the party at the Ralph yesterday".

NFL Networks Good morning football gives Bills some love

The NFL Network's Peter Schrager gave the Bills a ton of praise on Monday morning during his Good Morning Football show, during a segment called "Sunday Shockers"

"My most shocking thing is what the Bills are doing right now" was his lead into his Sunday Shocker.

"...yesterday they had 312 rushing yards on an NFL defense, I mean the 49ers are not some college outfit, they're an NFL team" he said as the highlights of the game against the 49ers started rolling.

As he went on he said some really good things about the Bills, and even admitted that they don't get mentioned enough because they are the Buffalo Bills.

"I look at the Buffalo Bills right now, and we're talking about the Patriots and they can do no wrong, the Bills beat the Patriots.  Whether Brady was in there or not, it counts in the standings, they're 4-2, they're winners of 4 straight, they're playing some of the best football in the league, but because they're the Buffalo Bills we don't talk about them enough."

"...all the stories were about Kaepernick... I don't care if it was Aaron Rodgers in his heyday, they weren't beating this Bills team... I love the Buffalo Bills right now"

Also as a quick sidebar, someone should tell Kyle Brandt that the Stadium at One Bills Drive is now called New Era Field:

"...there's no kind of fans like Buffalo fans, we love you all, but when they're winning it's a special special kind of place.  I can not imagine the party at the Ralph yesterday".

Friday, October 14, 2016

After 5 Weeks Power Rankings

If you saw my article last week then you will better understand these numbers, This power ranking is based only on algorithms consisting of win/loss records, point differentials, strength of schedule, home or road game, among others.  The computer takes this information and assigns a value to each team.  The first number you will see is before we apply the Strength of Schedule curve, the second number is with the curve. 

This is how the teams rank, also please note, these are through 5 weeks, so last nights Denver and San Diego game will not be inputted until the week 6 schedule is complete:

Points Complete Points Wins Losses
Falcons 9.25 12.25 4 1
Bills 8.25 12.00 3 2
Vikings 9.25 11.25 5 0
Raiders 6.50 10.00 4 1
Giants 3.75 8.9 2 3
Saints 2.50 8.63 1 3
Ravens 5.00 8.15 3 2
Eagles 7.25 7.88 3 1
Rams 4.75 7.60 3 2
Redskins 4.25 7.35 3 2
Steelers 4.75 6.95 4 1
Cowboys 6.00 6.85 4 1
Broncos 4.75 6.35 4 1
Patriots 5.00 6.20 4 1
Packers 3.75 5.31 3 1
Buccaneers 1.25 5.30 2 3
Titans 1.50 5.20 2 3
Texans 1.00 5.05 3 2
Cardinals 1.50 5.00 2 3
Seahawks 4.50 5.00 3 1
Lions 2.50 4.70 2 3
Panthers 0.00 4.65 1 4
Bears -0.75 3.44 1 3
Chiefs 2.00 3.06 2 2
Jets -0.75 2.80 1 4
Jaguars 0.75 2.56 1 3
49ers -1.25 2.10 1 4
Chargers -0.75 1.45 1 4
Bengals -1.75 1.05 2 3
Dolphins -0.75 0.95 1 4
Colts -0.75 0.55 2 3
Browns -4.00 0.20 0 5

Notice that the Bronco's, even with a 4-1 record are only ranked 13.  So it's not all that surprising that they lost to the 1-4 Chargers.

Subsequently the Bills are ranked 2nd, so they should easily beat the 49ers, who are ranked 27.  Nobody has seen Kaepernick in Chip Kelly's offense, so anything can happen.  That's why they play the game.

Saturday, October 08, 2016

A Power Ranking Based on Math, and nothing else.

I set up a formula to help me see which teams were actually as good or as bad as their record.  This formula accounts for strength of schedule and rewards a team for beating opponents who have winning records (66% win percentage or better).  Taking it one step further, I have also have another value that accounts for teams who have 66% or better win percentage, but haven't played tough opponents, in other words, an easy strength of schedule.

So, I'm not sure if I am explaining it well at all, but, I have taken all the math and plugged it into formulas in excel, then I input who each team has played, their records, the score differential, and whether it was a home game or a road game.  This can only work if you input all the teams as their is a certain butterfly effect that each team has on each other.   For instance, the Browns have an 0-4 record, so they look like a weak team, and they might be, however we have to understand that they played the Eagles who have the highest value of any team in the league with an 8.  In order to understand how tough the Eagles are, you have to look into their schedule to this point, sure they played the Browns and the Bears, two of the lowest valued teams using this formula, but, they get rewarded for point differential against them.  They've had differentials of 19, 15, and 31.  We have to award points, or partial points for differential as a team can't help its schedule, so it is unfair to them to not reward them for beating the bad teams by a large differential, after all, that is what good teams should do.  So, in order to figure out how good or bad a team is you need to see who they've played, then you need to see who those people have played, and you keep going until you've covered the entire league.

The way it works, each team ends up with a value, based on the information listed above, after that, they also have a strength of schedule curve that gets added.  The higher the value, the better.  As you'll see, the teams records' do not always mean a higher value.  As I said earlier, the Eagles have the highest value in the league with an 8, they are 4-0, however, the Broncos who are also 4-0 have the 8th highest value in the league with a 5.25.  These numbers are BEFORE we curve for strength of schedule, you'll see how that affects each team as well.

So here it goes, first, without the Strength of Schedule curve:

Eagles 8.00
Vikings 7.00
Raiders 6.00
Bills 5.50
Falcons 5.50
Rams 5.50
Patriots 5.25
Broncos 5.25
Packers 4.75
Ravens 4.00
Seahawks 4.00
Giants 3.75
Cowboys 3.50
Steelers 2.50
Saints 2.25
Cardinals 2.25
Texans 2.00
Redskins 1.25
Chiefs 1.00
Buccaneers 0.75
49ers 0.75
Jaguars 0.25
Panthers 0.00
Titans 0.00
Dolphins 0.00
Lions -0.50
Bengals -1.00
Chargers -1.00
Jets -1.25
Bears -1.75
Colts -1.75
Browns -2.25

As you would expect, the Eagles are first and the Browns are dead last, but look where the Bills are, in the 4 spot.  I need to point out again, this is all math and no emotion.

Now, after we account for Strength of Schedule:

Points W/SOS  Wins Losses
Vikings 7.00 9.13 4 0
Raiders 6.00 8.94 3 1
Bills 5.50 8.44 2 2
Falcons 5.50 7.75 3 1
Eagles 8.00 7.50 3 0
Rams 5.50 7.44 3 1
Patriots 5.25 7.38 3 1
Giants 3.75 7.25 2 2
Saints 2.25 7.06 1 3
Ravens 4.00 6.38 3 1
Buccaneers 0.75 5.38 1 3
Seahawks 4.00 5.25 3 1
Cardinals 2.25 5.25 1 3
Steelers 2.50 4.81 3 1
Broncos 5.25 4.75 4 0
Panthers 0.00 4.63 1 3
Cowboys 3.50 4.50 3 1
Packers 4.75 4.33 2 1
49ers 0.75 3.80 1 3
Titans 0.00 3.63 1 3
Texans 2.00 3.19 3 1
Redskins 1.25 3.13 2 2
Chiefs 1.00 1.88 2 2
Jaguars 0.25 1.75 1 3
Dolphins 0.00 1.56 1 3
Bears -1.75 1.50 1 3
Jets -1.25 1.13 1 3
Browns -2.25 0.75 0 4
Bengals -1.00 0.63 1 3
Lions -0.50 -0.19 1 3
Chargers -1.00 -0.56 1 3
Colts -1.75 -0.75 1 3

Now, we see that the Vikings might actually be the best team in the league and it drops the Eagles down to the 5 spot, and moves the Bills up to the 3 spot.  Also the Browns are no longer the worst team in the league, the Colts are.

The Rams at 3-1, are very similar to the 2-2 Bills.  This is a home game for the Rams on a west coast trip, but it's always easier to go west than it is to come east.  The Bills left for L.A. today, so if they don't adjust for the time change, it will feel like they are playing at 4:35pm our time, much better than feeling like a 10am game.  Slight edge to the Rams on this one, but, I think the Bills win.

Monday, September 26, 2016

A few questions and a quick thought

Bills defense dominates in big win over Cardinals

Are the Cardinals really the best team in the NFC?

Their record would indicate that they are not even the best team in their division.  So let's take a closer look.  First, the offense.  They are 7th in passing in the NFC, and 10th in rushing.  Remember this is just within the NFC.  When it comes to scoring however they are 1st in TD's with 10 and 3rd in total points with 79.

So they have the most Touchdowns in the NFC and 3rd most points in total.

Defensively, the Cardinals give up the 12th most yards per game with 322. They are 4th in sacks with 9 and 1st in interceptions with 5.

So the argument can be made that they are better than their record, which leads to the next question...

Are the Bills better than their record?

Just for comparison sake, the Bills offense has 9 touchdowns and 71 total points.

defensively they have 10 sacks and 4 interceptions.  So if we agree that the Cardinals are better than 1-2, then we have to agree that the Bills too are better than 1-2.

The Cardinals, like the Bills, have a loss to a 3-0 team, and have a loss to a 1-2 team.  The Bills 1-2 loss came to a division rival, while the Cards came from a non-conference opponent.

Are the Patriots as good as their record?

The Patriots, like the Bills, have 9 offensive touchdowns.  They have 81 total points.  Their total yards are 5th best in the AFC with 369.3.  They are 14th in the AFC in passing yards with 218.7 per game.  While their rushing offense is 1st in the AFC with 150.7 per game.

Defensively they are 8th in yards allowed with 361.7, 9th in sacks with 5, and  6th in interceptions with 3.

The Bills are dead last in the AFC when it comes to passing yards on offense with 163.7, however, they are at the top of the AFC with touchdowns and total points. The Bills are 5th in the AFC in rushing with 119.7 per game. Offensively, they are neck and neck with the Patriots.

Defensively the Bills have an edge on the Patriots, statistically speaking.

The Patriots wins come against the Cardinals, Dolphins and Texans. Their records respectively are 1-2, 0-3, and 2-1.

Can the Bills actually beat the Patriots?

At this point, we don't even know who the Patriots QB is going to be when the Bills travel to Massachusetts to take on the Bill Bellichick's machine.

The machine has had extra time to prepare for the Bills due to its' Thursday night game, history shows us that this isn't good for the Bills.

That is pretty much the only negative working against the Bills in this matchup, well, that and this being a home game for the Machine.  Neither Brady replacement has really lit the place up.  Remember, the Pats are 14th in the AFC in passing yards.  Both of their Shane Falco's have been game managers at best.  The Bills on top of the AFC in sacks and interceptions.  They get the edge in this matchup.

Offensively we really don't know what the Bills are yet.  Anthony Lynn called a good game against the Cardinals and the offense seemed to have found its' stride against a very good defense in the Arizona Cardinals.  Can the Bills continue its offensive performance next sunday?  Time will tell.

So to summarize this matchup:

The Machine's barely average offense, against one of the top defenses in the AFC, again, that's statistically speaking.

The Bills barely average offense against an average defense, statistically speaking again.

On paper this game is fun, they matchup well.  You have to give a slight edge to the Machine because of home field advantage and well, that genius that controls the Machine, but, the Bills could absolutely win this game, and I think they will.

2-2 at the Quarter Post

If the Bills can beat the Patriots, it puts them at 2-2  at the quarter post.  Which is obviously the best case scenario after starting 0-2.  The Bills will have momentum, and they will start to get some of their players back.  Dareus comes back from suspension after the Patriots game.  Shaq Lawson will most likely start practicing again after week 6.

If the Bills can get to 2-2 next sunday, the season won't be nearly as bleak as every one thought it was just a week ago.

Monday, August 03, 2015

As I shuffle through my house this morning thoughts keep creeping into my mind, bits and pieces of things I want to say, and do, so I feel compelled to put them to paper.  Karma does not exist, it can’t.

I have a friend… Friend has become a term that we use for just about anybody that we know these days, so I want to find a new word for the close ones.  Let me give you an example of how selfless this man is:

Last year, while leaving the Cleveland Browns at Buffalo Bills football game, Kristen had fallen down and subsequently broke her leg, It was still a rather long walk to the car and Kristen couldn’t even stand on her leg, let alone walk to our vehicle.  So I called our friend.

If you’ve ever been to a Bills game, you know that the restaurants around stadium are jam packed before, during and after the Bills games, these restaurants need as many people on staff as they can get just to make sure all customers are taken care of as quickly as they can be.

So my friend is the owner of one of these restaurants.  I called him despite knowing this, and despite the fact that I knew that he had other responsibilities at his packed restaurant.  But I also knew that he had a 4 wheeler parked outside his restaurant.  I knew that because I saw it there when I parked the car earlier that morning.  There was no answer at his cell phone so I called the restaurant and asked for him. 

“Is there any way you can send someone on your 4 wheeler to come get Kristen and give her a ride back to our car”.

“Yeah no problem, see you soon”.

I gave him the details on where we were and we waited.  Then we waited, a little more.

The sheriffs wouldn’t let the 4 wheeler through the traffic to get to us.  How did I find out?  Phone call?  No,  My friend, left his busy restaurant on the 4 wheeler only to be turned around by sheriffs, so he had to take it back to the restaurant.  Then him and his daughter proceeded to run, yes run to the location that I had given him earlier. 

Out of breath and sweat dripping off of his forehead he approaches us and tells us about the ATV and how they couldn’t get it through the traffic, but he came to help carry her to our car.  The man left his busy restaurant to help carry another human being a half mile to our car.

Friend isn’t nearly the appropriate term for a person who would drop everything to help you out when you need it, I haven’t found the term that more adequately describes him but for now I will call him my family.

This guy is full of selfless acts. He is so humble and doesn’t ever put himself before his family, and friends.

So how do I know Karma does not exist?

A few months ago this family member returns home after working all day to see his daughter getting her hair done for prom, then everything goes dark and he wakes up in a hospital bed staring up at the lights.  What the hell happened?

He had a seizure, but what caused it?  The doctors ran some tests and noticed a small lesion on his brain.  He was released from the hospital and went back to running his restaurant.  In fact, during this time, he helped another friend of mine plan a tailgate for the Rolling Stones concert in his parking lot.

Today I get a phone call from him.

As it turns out, the “lesion” on his brain is cancer, and it’s aggressive.  They were able to remove most of it, but to remove all of it would have been dangerous because of where it is in his brain.

This guy, who gives more than he ever gets, and would die for his friends, might actually be dying.  No sir, karma does not exist.  It’s just a word, that’s all it is.

My family member starts his treatments tonight and we all look forward to him beating this disgusting  “hell on earth” neoplasm.

If Karma were real, cancer would be reserved for rapists and pedophiles.  If karma were real, selfless, good to the core human beings would never get it.  Ever!

He will not go down without a fight and he is confident that he will overcome this disease, and if anyone deserves to, it’s him.

For now, I am honored to call this man “family”, we are honored to be in his close knit circle, and we will rally around him in positivity until this nasty malignant tumor is gone.

Don't take any moment for granted, your last may be closer than you think.

Monday, January 12, 2015

E.J. Manuel is a Victim of Circumstance

Todd Collins, Alex Van Pelt, Doug Flutie, Rob Johnson, Drew Bledsoe, JP Losman, Kelly Holcomb, Trent Edwards, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Brian Brohm, E.J. Manuel, Thad lewis, Jeff Tuel, Kyle Orton.

14 Quarterbacks have started for the Buffalo Bills in 17 years since Jim kelly has retired.  Not one has stuck, but Bills fans have rallied behind almost all of them.  Doug Flutie got his face on a cereal box, Drew Bledsoe got a parade, JP Losman was the savior, Trent Edwards had "it", Ryan Fitzpatrick has moxie, you get the idea.

Turns out Bledsoe was past his prime, Losman was skittish, Edwards couldn't throw the ball more than 5 yards, and Ryan Fitzpatrick was the best out of the bunch, but that wasn't good enough.

14 Quarterbacks in 17 years, 14 years without playoffs, something's gotta give, right?  Well, turns out the first thing to give is patience, patience wears thin for the Quarterback position in Buffalo these days.  Fans are so quick to want to move on to the next guy because they want to win now.  E.J. Manuel is a victim of impatience.

The quarterback position in the NFL is the hardest position to learn, to progress, to master.  It used to be that a team would draft a quarterback and let him sit on the bench for a few seasons to learn the game before they would get the chance to play.  The recent Luck of quarterbacks coming out of college and having succesful rookie seasons has ruined that, pun intended, it has also destroyed the patience of Bills fans.

You see, Bills fans are so jaded about the quarterback position that some were calling for Jeff Tuel to play, then he did, and he never should again!  In Buffalo, the most popular guy in town is the backup quarterback, this was true even when Jim Kelly was the starter.

So what has E.J. Manuel done to deserve backlash from the fans?  He put up moderate stats in the mere 14 games that he started in.  He has completed almost 60 percent of his passes and threw for almost 3,000 yards and 16 touchdowns with 12 interceptions. That's not too shabby for a rookie, and it's not a full season.  14 games, and fans are ready to throw in the towel on EJ Manuel, because patience has run out.  But he can't read a defense they say, 14 games, I say.  Remember, the quarterback position is the toughest to learn.  Exotic defensive schemes, zone blitzes, disguised packages, that's a lot for a young QB to master.  The fact that a QB struggles to understand the defense more negatively reflects coaching than it does the quarterback.  How many times did we hear JP Losman say "they had schemes that we didn't prepare for", that's a coaching failure.

He isn't accurate now and he wasn't accurate in college.  Why do people say this? He completed over 65 percent of his passes, and was just 3 yards short of 4,000 yards his senior year.  Sure he missed some passes in his first 14 games in the NFL, but what quarterback doesn't?  What young quarterback doesn't?  Wide Receivers are faster in the National Football League, timing doesn't happen over night, and it's just one of the many things that a young signal caller is trying to master.

Drew Brees was so bad his first two playing seasons (his second and third season) that the Chargers gave up on him and drafted Eli Manning, who was then traded to the Giants for Phillip Rivers.  That season and the next the light went on for Brees and he played lights out, but it was too late.  The Chargers had already moved on.

Manuel's stats are comparable to the first seasons of:  Tony Romo, Matthew Stafford, Matt Ryan, Philip Rivers, Drew Brees and many others.  The only reason Bills fans don't see this is because they choose not to.  They have run out of patience and do not want a QB that throws for less than 30 touchdowns and 3,500 yards his rookie season.  The problem is:  That's a rare feat.

Greg Roman will be good for E.J. Manuel, just look at what he got out of Colin Kaepernick, another mobile quarterback who is an inferior passer to Manuel.  Unlike Marrone, Roman  will not coach E.J. to run out of bounds at all costs, even if the first down marker is just another yard away.  Be patient Buffalo, E.J. Manuel will be a good quarterback in this league, and Greg Roman's offensive scheme is perfect for him.