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Doubling Down, Toth Tells Tall Tales

Doubling Down, Toth Tells Tall Tales

By Brian Jopp

Tonawanda — Weeks ago, a friend of the Toth Campaign Dan Grosskopf went to Facebook to spread rumors and lies about domestic incidents at the Davis home.  In the post he lead readers to believe that Tonawanda Mayor Rick Davis had physically abused his now ex wife.

On October 26th Jopp Marketing Solutions held and sponsored a debate at City Hall.  One republican candidate showed up, 1st Ward councilman Charles Gilbert.  That didn’t stop moderator Joseph Genco from asking Mayor Davis about these claims.  

Mayor Davis’ response: 

there were calls made to my house. The byproduct of those calls were a two-year stay away order, by my daughter, against my ex-wife, for child endangerment… my ex-wife was found guilty of striking my daughter and a two year  stay away execution that was just expired September 11 was issued against her.”

Since he was absent from the debate, Tim Toth couldn’t respond to this statement from Mayor Davis, instead he took to his website.  Toth felt it necessary to cherry pick small snippets from the Domestic Incident Reports to fit his narrative:

The officer at the scene stated, in writing, “.... P2 kicked said purse P1 and P2 begun [sic] pushing”. 

He also posted a copy of the reports, hoping that the public would just take his word for it and wouldn’t take the time to read them.  Here’s what the report said:

P1: Kim Davis (ex wife to Mayor Davis)
P2: Mayor Rick Davis

P1 and P2 are getting a divorce.  P2 went to a family party without P1.  P1 asked if his (P2’s) family asked about the divorce.  Argument ensued.  P1 then threw a fan and knocked her purse on the ground.  P2 kicked said purse.  P1 and P2 began pushing.  P2 said P1 began swinging at him, so he grabbed her and assisted her outside.  P1 and P2 certified P2’s story.  P2 stated he began grabbing her as trying to push him down the stairs to the garage.  P2 is leaving to go to work for the night.

Also Toth declares on his page that Mayor Davis is labeled as Suspect while his ex wife was labeled as Victim, but on the form he posted, those designations were clearly crossed out.

The Republican challenger ended his website rant with an apology to the Mayor’s ex wife:

I want to personally apologize to Kimberly Davis for all she has had to endure during this election… It is through YOUR Vote that her struggle will not be in-vain. The following documents are property of Kimberly Davis and were released by her. We thank her and wish her the best!

An apology, to the aggressor in the Domestic Incident as corroborated by law enforcement, and the city court, as they issued the Mayor’s ex-wife with a 2 year restraining order to stay away from her daughter.

Her daughter, also took to Facebook to clear the air on this situation:

“Now Mr Toth wants to post police reports that he obtained from Kim (I refuse to call her my mom and you will see why)      on a few nights when us kids called the police on her.
We have witnessed Kim punch, slap, kick my dad repeated times without him laying a hand on her. She has thrown lit candles at my dad and burned him with hot wax. Kim has degraded my dad calling him names for no reason at all. I have been here every time the police have been called and it’s been Kim that’s been the reason why. Unfortunately my dad hasn’t been the only person to experience her hell.
All my sisters and brother were subjected to many years of punching, hitting, name calling, fat shaming, and Kim’s hydrocodone pill popping ways. We saw Kim as she repeatedly had multiple affairs on my dad and he tried to keep our family together. Kim has come at my dad numerous times with a knife and even tried handing the knife to me and my brother and asked us to kill her. My dad is a true hero for removing us all from that hell. We all are, including my dad, survivors of domestic violence.”

The Mayor’s daughter, a young teenager, was present at the debate when the question was brought up about the domestic incident.  She has had to relive these harsh memories repeatedly during this campaign process, and yet found the strength to write this statement.

Tim Toth claims that this subject was not brought up by him, but what we can tell is that it was brought up by his close ally, Dan Grosskopf. 

Squandering his chance to denounce these statements and handle the situation with dignity, Mr Toth doubles down on them by sending out mailers that go along with this made up narrative. 

And, with another website post:

There’s been a lot of buzz regarding this past weekend’s fliers…Those fliers were created as a direct result of the Mayor’s failure to answer a question on October 26th, regarding past domestic complaints that were substantiated by the police at his residence.

Really?  Did he fail to answer the question?  The video is on the Tonawanda City Community page on Facebook for all to see, and you’ve read his reply earlier in this article.
Mayor Davis has never denied the police coming to his house for a domestic incident.  In fact he says “There were calls made to my house”.  

Toth was given another chance by the Buffalo News to distance himself from his campaign of bullying and misleading mailers.  Instead, he plunges deeper into his dark hole:

“Unfortunately thats the way politics can get. It seems the closer the end of the race gets, the nastier it gets.”

But I digress, the website post continues:

“At that time, he attempted to lay blame and responsibility towards me and my campaign, all while referring to them as “whispers and rumors.” Despite the fact that the mayor’s previous wife has made it no secret, to anyone who would listen, that they had really occurred…”

This is more rhetoric by the challenger as the Mayor had admitted that calls were placed to his house.  So of course the Mayor's ex-wife would say that they really occurred, the mayor is saying the same thing.

…and the post continues:

“I’d also like to address the comments that I brought his family and children into this. Again, another LIE! I ensured that any information released was redacted to ensure anonymity for all except the two parties involved, Mayor Rick Davis and Kimberly, to protect the children.”

This is where it should really bug you.  It should absolutely bug you that a man that wants your vote for mayor lacks the foresight to understand that he did bring the Mayor's family and children into this by repeatedly bringing it up in mailer after mailer.  Mailers that were sent to the Davis residence.  Also by bringing it up repeatedly on his website.  

Mr. Toth lacks the mental fortitude to understand that while he never mentions the Mayor's kids, just bringing up these raucous memories to the Davis children, who are just a few years removed from their abuser, can be very damaging.

A person who is running for office should have better foresight and mental strength than Mr Toth has displayed.  He missed his opportunity to distance himself from the comments of his close friend, and instead he took them and ran with them.   He should have issued an apology to the Davis family, especially the children whom he took down a dark road of memory lane and forced them to relive moments that Davis’ daughter describes as “hell”.  

Instead, he apologized to their abuser.

…And that should tell you everything you need to know about Mr. Toth.

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Blogger Jennifer Stone said...

Wow!!! Well said Brian and those are what I call facts. Toth definitely should have done his homework before humiliating Rick his kids and himself and definitely before defending a child abuser and a spousal abuser. Thank you for sharing this ❤

8:18 AM  
Blogger DianeT said...

Thank you for showing what a LIER Mr. Toth is and the awful lengths he will go to. I have confidence that the COT will choose the better candidate- Mayor Davis!! After the election, drop all those horrendous mailers on Mr. Toth’s front yard! If he wants to sling mud let him clean up after himself!!

11:37 AM  

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