Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fitzpatrick, average points per game

The Bills offense with Ryan Fitzpatrick at the helm is averaging 25 points per game this season. If the defense was decent the Bills would have won 3 out of 4 of the games he's started in.

What's more? His average of 25 points per game this year would have won 11 games last season when the defense was playing better.

Ryan Fitzpatrick as found his rythm, that's for sure. Let's see how long he can hold onto it for. If he plays out the rest of the season the same way he's been playing, in my mind, for now, the search is over.

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

All Eyes On Me

If Ryan Fitzpatrick was looking for a theme song for the week, it would be "All Eyez on Me" by Tupac Shakur. Bills fans everywhere, whether they like it or not, were impressed with Fitzpatrick's 29/43 382 yard and 4 td performance last Sunday against the Ravens.

Well, he has certainly woke up the fan base, and set a precendent. Coming off a bye week where the owner, Ralph Wilson, came out and said that the team needed to draft a QB with their first pick, Fitzpatrick decided to show Mr Wilson exactly what he was capable of.

Now the newly awake fanbase will all be watching his performance this weekend against the Chiefs to find out if he is worthy of being the number 2 ranked QB in the NFL after 7 weeks (4 weeks for Fitzpatrick). But more than that, the fanbase will be watching to see if he has what it takes to be the Bills QB for at least the next season. Fitzpatrick says getting the same performance from last week is attainable but it won't be easy.

"Well it’s a completely different team in terms of the scheme that they use and they’ll present different challenges for us. But again it’s a matter of trusting the plan that we have in, getting the most that we can out of the next three days of practice and just going there and executing the plan."

The Bills Quarterback also says it may be tough to run on the chiefs.

"This is a week that they challenge you a little bit, it’s hard to run the ball versus these guys, very stout, but we want to run the ball and we’re going to accept that challenge. Hopefully we’ll have a good day there and then they leave your guys in a lot of one-on-one matchups on the outside."

So the offense may have to rely on the passing game. If that happens Fitzpatrick will have another week to prove the doubters wrong. Well here he is 4 weeks in and he has 11 TD's (4th most in the league) and only 4 Int's. He has ten more games to show management and the owner at One Bills Drive that he can be the guy that they call their QB of the future. He holds his own destiny, let's see how he handles it.

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Monday, October 25, 2010

First Overall Pick is Seeming More And More Like Reality

While the first overall pick in the 2011 NFL draft is getting cloer to reality for the Buffalo Bills, what seems to be dimming is the need for a Signal Caller.

Coming off an impressive 4 TD game with 374 yards passing while completing nearly 70 percent of his passes Ryan Fitzpatrick is making a solid case as to why the Bills should look at drafting another position with their high draft pick.

Currently Fitz has the second highest QB rating in the NFL, second to only Peyton Manning. The Bills QB also has 11 TD's in just 4 games as the starter, that's just one shy of a 3 per game average.

I am not saying that the decision should be made today. What I am saying is that if Fitz continues to get better each week, which is what he has done since the release of Trent Edwards, and he finishes the season as strong as he is playing right now, then it would be foolish for the Bills to use the number 1 pick overall on a QB. Remember how mad the fanbase was when the Bills drafted Spiller last year? We already had a running back they said. Well, if Fitzpatrick keeps playing the way he is now, we will already have a QB, and much more glaring needs like Defensive End, or Left Tackle.

I don't understand how anybody would be unhappy with this. We will have found our QB, the smartest QB in the league who is very physical and athletic who continues to get better each week. So, then, why draft a guy who may or may not work out? Any Bills fan SHOULD be happy if Fitz continues to play well and get better. It will fill one need (QB) and allow the Bills to draft at another position of need.