Thursday, September 23, 2010

Kyle Williams has attitude and swagger

Kyle Williams is in his fifth season as a Buffalo Bills defensive tackle. He's been quietly making plays for the Bills, an He's the first to admit he's not your prototypical DT.

"According to everybody that knows something, I've never been prototypical at anything, I just go out and make plays, and that's what I'm going to keep doing. I'm going to go out and play my ass off, and I'm going to get after guys and when the ball turns over I'm gonna throw a freaking fit."

Williams talked about his agressive style saying that he doesn't want to just be a guy that plugs a gap.

"I want to punch a guy, I want to go tackle the ball carrier, and I want to get back to the huddle and I want to do it again."

Williams who logged 66 combined tackles and 4 sacks in the 2009 season in 14 games, also spoke of some of the differences betweens the old defense and the current one.

"90 percent of our snaps the last couple years, we've been in an overfront, and we have been in cover 2 or cover 3, so they know what to expect. We were flying off the ball, doing this and that. Where now, we're playing a little bit heavier, a little slower, but, we can do more things on defense to confuse the offense. Where in the past we really didn't have that."

Kyle is ready to end the losing streak against New England, and says it's not to late to turn that streak around.

"They killed us one time when they were on the roll, when they went undefeated in the regular season. Other than that it's been pretty tight, I'd go as far to say we've had 2 games were in our hands, that were ours but we gave them anyway... We've got to learn that in the fourth quarter... we got to learn to finish the game, get over the hump, and then, that's when you start winning the football game. Everytime you go play them, it's a new game, a new opportunity, and a chance for us to start a streak as far as I'm concerned."

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Roscoe Parrish ready to shine at the number 2 WR spot

Roscoe Parrish practiced at the 2 spot during Wednesday's practice in preparation for the New England Patriots game in Foxboro. It appears as though he has surpassed Stevie Johnson on the depth chart.
"I wouldn't say that, I'm just taking advantages of all my opportunities that's coming my way, and I appreciate Chan Gailey for giving me the opportunity to prove myself in this league."

If once again starter Ryan Fitzpatrick has time to think behind the Bills offensive line Roscoe Parrish could prove himself once-and-for-all against the Patriots 28th ranked pass defense.

Parrish has been saying for a few seasons now that he felt that his role on the Bills offense should be bigger, but last year he was benched by Dick Jauron.
"I can only control what I can control. Last year was a down year for me. I just can’t feel sorry for myself. With Chan Gailey using me, it’s a blessing."

This could be a good game for the Bills offense as the Patriots are 26th in total yards allowed on defense, with an average of 382 yards per game, and 5.4 yards per play.

Some people say that Roscoe is too small to play the outside wide receiver position because it's more physical, Roscoe disagrees: "You’ve got to fight on the inside, too. There really isn’t a difference. They can press me inside and they can press me outside. It’s just a receiver spot. "

Monday, September 20, 2010

keith ellison

Keith Ellison says" playing for Buffalo is an absolute thrill"

Thursday, September 16, 2010

New on Out of Bounds this year

Ghostline Entertainment will be streaming the taping to their website on Monday nights. So if you can't make it out to the show you can still see what the players have to say.

Tapings start at 7:00pm on Monday nights, the stream will start around this time. Also, we will offer viewers using the "chat" function to submit their questions for the hosts to ask.

If you want to attend a taping go to to see shoot locations and dates, as well as guests that will be appearing that week

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Donte Whitner also emphasizing confidence saying: "...we're a confident bunch...we expect to come out and stop them. We expect to get up in their faces and challenge them and make them compete, and that's what we're going to do."
Jairus Byrd says that the defense is confident enough to stop the Packers, adding "Our defense does not lack confidence."

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Stevie Johnson mad about preseason performance

Stevie Johnson will be playing with a chip on his shoulder this Sunday against the Miami Dolphins. His preseason performance was not up to his standards, and he's ready to show that he can hold that number 2 spot.

We spoke to him wednesday about his preseason:

"I'm not even going to lie, the preseason for me, it sucked. And that's what it was, you watch the film and I didn't really make too many plays, but there wasn't too many to be made out there. This season is about to start and we'll have a lot more time out there and they'll see the difference... but as far as this preseason, yeah it sucked, sorry guys"